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5000L Variable Volume Tanks Floating Lid Wine Tank

5000L Variable Volume Tanks Floating Lid Wine Tank

Wine/Cider tanks are typically made of stainless steel, although some wineries and cideries may use oak barrels for fermentation and aging. Stainless steel tanks are preferred because they are durable, easy to clean, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the winery or cidery.

Floating-lid tanks, as known as variable-capacity tanks or variable-volume tanks, are specialized vessels used for the fermentation and storage of wine, beer, and other beverages. These tanks are designed to accommodate varying volumes of liquid by utilizing an adjustable lid or floating device.



  • Floating Lid tank with the floating lid. It can achieve an air-tight seal at any volume – making the variable capacity tank the perfect fit for small and growing wineries, Maneuvering the floating lid is easy thanks to the built-in lifting arm. A hand-operated winch is available as an option to make it even easier.
  • Standard product features:
  • Stainless steel 304/316L
  • Floating lid-with inflatable gasket and pump
  • Lifting arm
  • Sample valve
  • CIP rotary spray ball
  • Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly
  • Dimple cooling jacket
  • Fully welded cladding
  • Side square manway
  • RTD Probe
  • Butterfly valve
  • 2″ PVRV
  • Inclind bottom, inclined angle degree is 5 degree or customized. 


1. Stainless steel 304 or 316;
2. With dimple plat cooling jacket or with spiral cooling channels are available;
3. Top conical cover;
4. With PT 100 temperature thermometer;
5. With sample valve;
6. With coolant outlet and coolant inlet;
7. With sieve screen;
8. If customer requires, the tank can be insulated and with cladding
9. Racking valve and drainage valve;
10. Lifting Lug;
11. With side manway;
12. Outer surface: polished brushed and inner surface:2B;
13. Slope bottom;
14. With supporting leg and braces.