NFE Brewing Solutions has been building craft breweries for over 15 years. We have successfully supplied different sizes of brewing equipment and complete systems from 1BBL to 330BBL for over 500 microbreweries in over 40 countries.

At NFE Brewing Solutions, each brewery project is uniquely custom-made. We understand that you are doing so much more than brewing on our equipment. You’ll be creating a business, realizing a dream or exploring your passion.. That’s why supplying LIFETIME ENGINEERING SERVICE to you is the most important to guarantee your craft brewing success!


NFE Machinery Co., Ltd is a top professional designer and manufacturer of high-quality complete craft beer brewing equipment and packaging line in China.

Since 2000,NFE is established and starts to design and make the excellent microbrewery solution and vessels for American and European microbreweries. We always supply one complete service with excellent quality and affordable cost to c create the best value for each customer.

NFE owns an experienced and efficient Tech-team. We will design your brewery, starting with business plans, custom equipment that fits your needs, AutoCAD Drawings for tanks, facility and utility layout and pipings, installation on site.