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5000L Wine Fermentation Tank

5000L Wine Fermentation Tank

Cider fermentation tanks are vessels used in the production of cider, which is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples. The fermentation process for cider is similar to that of beer, where yeast is added to the juice to convert the natural sugars into alcohol.


1. Complete, new, and high quality configuration.
2. Auxiliary systems selection of leading and imported brand.
3. The auxiliary systems are long life, high-performance, high-quality, low-loss.
4. Certified stainless steel(304,316) material for all tanks.
5. Electrical accessories reach UL, cUL, CE, PED, export standards.
6. Supporting auxiliary system voltage and frequency match your standard exactly.

7.New production technics.
8. Stable quality, high performance, strict quality control.
9. All the equipment are adopted 100%TIG welded joints, mirror Polishing.

10.CAD layouts, installation assistance, assembly, training.


1. Stainless steel 304 or 316;
2. With dimple plat cooling jacket or with spiral cooling channels are available;
3. Top conical cover;
4. With PT 100 temperature thermometer;
5. With sample valve;
6. With coolant outlet and coolant inlet;
7. With sieve screen;
8. If you require, the tank can with PU insulation
9. Racking valve and drainage valve;
10. Lift Lug;
11. With side door;
12. Outer surface: polished brushed and inner surface:2B;
13. Slope bottom;
14. With supporting leg and braces.