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Double-station Keg Washer with 3 pumps and 3 tanks

Double-station Keg Washer with 3 pumps and 3 tanks

A double-head keg washer refers to a type of keg cleaning machine that has two cleaning heads or stations, allowing for the simultaneous cleaning of two kegs. This design improves efficiency and throughput compared to single-head keg washers, as it can clean two kegs in parallel.


The double-head configuration of a keg washer allows for increased productivity in a brewery or any establishment that requires frequent keg cleaning. By cleaning two kegs simultaneously, it reduces downtime and improves the efficiency of the keg cleaning process.



Double station keg washer

1). 2tanks(hot water tank and caustic tank) and 2 pumps, or 3 tanks( hot water tank, caustic tank and sterilize tank, caustic tank and hot water to have electric heating), 3 pumps(1 pump for each tank),

2). Siemens controller with touch screen program,

3.D or A or S -type spear fitting,

4).Dimension: length 1830mm×width 1200mm×height1670mm,

5).Electric heating or steam heating,

6).CE/UL listed.


The washing process of keg washer with 2 tanks and 2 pumps: Lock →air blowing/drain off→ hot water 1 washing→air blowing/drain off→ hot caustic washing→air blowing/to caustic box→hot water 2 washing→air blowing/drain off→  acid washing→air blowing/drain off (it can also be set to “to acid tank” instead of drain off)→brew water rinse cooling keg →co2 blowing/drain off→co2 pressure preparing→cylinder return


The washing process of keg washer with 3 pumps and 3 water tanks: Lock down→ air purge/drain off → hot water 1 washing→ air purge/drain off → caustic washing → air purge/to caustic tank → hot water 2 washing → air purge/drain off → acid washing → air purge/to acid tank→hot water 3 washing → air purge/drain off→sanitizer sterilize → CO2 purge/drain off→ CO2 fill → cylinder return