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300L Mini Beer Brewing System

300L Mini Beer Brewing System

Complete line of small scale brewpub & pilot brewing system for brewpub & small brewery. 2BBL-5BBL breweries, 3.5BBL mini beer brewing system typically refers to a small-scale brewing system with a capacity of 3.5 barrels, or approximately 108.5 gallons. This size of brewing system is ideal for microbreweries, brewpubs, or nano brewing operations.


NFE Ability

*Well known of the worldwide advanced technology for European and American standard brewing equipment and packing machinery.

*Possess excellent facility and machines for manufacturing world first grade stainless steel vessels.

*Obtained ISO9001 international quality certificate and also accept the equipment. production by CE,UL,CSA, ASME, AS1210.

NFE Technology

*Complete brewery planning, design, fabrication, installation and start-up support.

*Affordable tanks, systems, controls and complete turnkey system designs.

*Standard and Custom Engineering Designs and Design packages for sale.

*Piping, valves, glycol chilling, controls, electrical, and manifold system designs.

*Steam and Direct Fired and Electric heating Systems.

NFE Market

Our microbrewery equipment and service have got the high reputation in the U.S., Canada, UK, Sweden, Belgium, France, UK, Netherland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South America, etc, more than 40 countries and regions.







Brewhouse unit

Mash/Lauter tun

Grain rake with VFD
Laser cutting V-wire False Bottom
Easy clean and detachable sparging spray ring
Multihole wort collect ring, anti-rinser

With side grain out door

Tank light assemblies

Mash hydration assembly

Rotary CIP spray balls

Level sight tube

Kettle/Whirlpool Tun

Steam Jacket /direct gas fired heating/electric heating
Steam vent with condensate ring for kettle stack

Tank light assemblies

Rotary CIP spray balls

Tangential whirlpool entry

Level sight tube

Wort pump

Sanitary wort pumps with variable speed control

Working platform

OSHA compliant platforms with safety railings & stairs, Cellar package with brewers hoses, valves and fittings 

Hot liquor tank

Steam Jacket heating/direct gas fired heating/electric heating

Sight gauge for water level

With SS HLT pump with variable speed control

Heat exchanger

SUS304/316 plate, with wort aeration system


Fermentation unit


Interior and exterior finish polished to a sanitary finish

Interior finish pickled and passivated

Exterior brushed, #4 finish

Fully welded exterior shell

60 degree cone bottom, with an average of 25% head space

Rotating racking port

Glycol cooling jacket on cone and bottom
Top manway
CIP arm and CO2 blow off arm for maximum tank space utilization
Shockproof pressure gauge
CIP arm and spray ball
Carbonation stone

Inoxpa butterfly valves, sample valve,

2” pressure vacuum relief valve

RTD Probe

Tension braces on legs

Sanitary tri-clamp connections


Control unit

Brewing and fermentation process Controlling

Manual button control panel ,control panel with RTD & solenoid valves