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50L Hops Cannon / Hopgun

50L Hops Cannon / Hopgun

A hop cannon is a device used in breweries, primarily in craft and microbreweries, for dry hopping beer. Dry hopping is the process of adding hops to beer after fermentation to enhance its aroma and flavor without adding significant bitterness.

The hop cannon typically consists of a vessel or chamber where hops are loaded, often in pellet form, and pressurized with carbon dioxide (CO2). When the beer passes through the hop cannon, the pressurized hops are released into the beer stream, allowing them to mix thoroughly and infuse the beer with hop aroma and flavor.

The use of a hop cannon can provide a more efficient and controlled method of dry hopping compared to traditional methods such as adding hops directly to the fermenter. It allows brewers to precisely control the amount of hops added and ensures even distribution throughout the beer, resulting in a consistent and flavorful final product. Additionally, hop cannons can be designed to be easily integrated into existing brewing systems, offering brewers flexibility in their dry hopping processes.


The hop cannon offers several advantages in the brewing process:

  1. Efficiency: Hop cannons can be more efficient than traditional dry hopping methods. They ensure better contact between the hops and the beer, maximizing the extraction of hop oils and flavors.

  2. Consistency: With a hop cannon, brewers can achieve more consistent results in terms of hop aroma and flavor. The controlled release of hops into the beer stream helps ensure even distribution throughout the batch.

  3. Reduced Oxygen Exposure: Hop cannons often operate in a closed system, minimizing oxygen exposure during the dry hopping process. This helps preserve the beer’s freshness and stability, reducing the risk of off-flavors and oxidation.

  4. Customization: Brewers have greater control over the dry hopping process with a hop cannon. They can adjust factors such as hop variety, quantity, and contact time to achieve the desired flavor profile for their beer.

  5. Time Savings: Using a hop cannon can save time compared to traditional dry hopping methods. It eliminates the need for manual handling of hops and reduces the overall dry hopping time, allowing brewers to streamline their production process.

  6. Flexibility: Hop cannons can be designed to integrate seamlessly into existing brewing systems, offering brewers flexibility in how they incorporate dry hopping into their processes. They can be used in various vessel types and sizes, accommodating different batch sizes and production setups.

Overall, the hop cannon provides brewers with a reliable and efficient means of enhancing the aroma and flavor of their beers through dry hopping, while also offering advantages in terms of consistency, customization, and process efficiency.