1000L France

This brewery is located in Tours, France. They ordered 2 set of system: 10HL and 2HL complete brewing system. Their bar is in the center of Tours City, very good place and very good business. Our technician installed the system and training.

Main equipment list is as follows:

Miller and Grist hopper

2 vessels 1000L brewhouse(1000L mash kettle tun, 1000L Kettle whirlpool tun). Steam heating.

200L 2 vessels brewhouse

2000L Hot water tank with steam heating

1000L Fermentation tanks

200L fermentation tanks

Hops Gun

Yeast dosing tank

Transfer pump

10HP Chiller and 1500L Glycol tank

100L CIP

Button type control panel

Pipes, valves, pumps.