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500L electric brewing system in Australia

This brewery is located Willunga. SA. 5172. He ordered a set of complete 500L electric microbrewery system. He talked with our references in Australia, He is very satisfied in our equipment quality and technology design!

Main equipment list is as follows:

 500 lt Electric Fired, 2vessel brew-house ( M/L, B/W) with steam condenser

 PLC Siemens control panel and platform

3 x 500lt Unitanks

2x 1000 lt unitanks

1 x 1000 lt BBT

1 x 1000 lt  HLT

All hose, fittings, stainless T pieces, sight glass, volumetric meters etc

Mill , grist hydrator 

50lt CIP


Glycol chiller unit and Cellar controller 

Single head Keg washer