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1000L Brewing System

This brewery is located in New Zealand. They ordered one complete set of 1000L brewing system from us. Brewery owner is a very nice gentleman. Due to the epidemic, our engineers cannot fly to NZ to install the system. We send customer detailed connection pictures, videos and drawings to help them install the system by themselves. Its a very good cooperation!

Main equipment list is as follows:

1000L 2 vessel steam brew-house ( Mash/ Lauter tun, Boiling kettle/whirlpool tank) with steam condenser

2000L HLT

Manual button control panel and platform

1000lt Uni tanks and bright beer tanks


All hose, fittings, stainless T pieces, sight glass, volumetric meters etc

Mill , grist hydrator and Auger

100lt CIP

6 heads bottle filler/capper monobloc


Glycol chiller unit and Cellar controller

Keg filler&cleaner