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Do Large Breweries Use A Brite Tank?


Yes, many large breweries use brite tanks, also known as bright tanks or serving tanks, in their beer production process. A brite tank is a vessel used for several purposes in the beer-making process, including conditioning and carbonating the beer before it’s packaged and served to consumers. Here are some of the key functions of a brite tank in a brewery:

80bbl brite tank

1.Conditioning: After the fermentation process is complete, beer often contains unwanted particles and solids. Brite tanks are used to clarify the beer and allow these solids to settle out, resulting in a clearer and more visually appealing final product.

2.Carbonation: Breweries use brite tanks to carbonate the beer. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is added to the beer in a controlled manner to achieve the desired level of carbonation.

3.Maturation: Some beers, especially lagers, benefit from a period of maturation or conditioning in a brite tank. This allows the flavors to mellow and blend together, resulting in a smoother and more refined taste.

4.Storage and Packaging: Brite tanks are often used as temporary storage vessels before the beer is packaged in bottles, cans, or kegs. This allows breweries to hold finished beer until it’s ready for distribution.

5.Serving: In some cases, brite tanks are used to directly serve beer in taprooms or brewpubs. This is common for smaller breweries that have limited production capacity.

6.Quality Control: Brite tanks provide an opportunity for quality control and sampling. Brewers can take samples from the tank to check for flavor, aroma, and other quality parameters before packaging.

7.Flavor Adjustment: Brewers may use brite tanks to make final flavor adjustments, such as adding hops, spices, or other flavoring agents to achieve the desired taste profile.

8.Temperature Control: Brite tanks are often equipped with cooling systems to help maintain the beer at the appropriate temperature for conditioning and storage.

Large breweries typically have a range of brite tanks with varying capacities to accommodate their production needs. These tanks are an essential part of the brewing process, helping to ensure the quality and consistency of the beer before it reaches consumers.


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