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100L Hop Gun/Hop Cannon

100L Hop Gun/Hop Cannon

Hop gun, also known as a hop cannon or hop doser, is a piece of equipment used in breweries to add hops to beer during the brewing process. The hop gun is typically mounted on the brew kettle or fermenter and is connected to a supply of hops.


1) All the tanks insulation use argon arc welding and inner tank will do pickling and passivation or mirror polishing;

2) Stainless steel work platform for integrity, no rusting and long life;

3)Certified stainless steel(304,316) material for all tanks.


Hop gun – the equipment for dry hopping of beer – adding of hop extract to finalized beer after  brewing and fermentation process. 

Cylindrical vessel on three legs with wheels for dry hopping beer. It is used for dissolving granulated hops in finished beer. Dry hopping does not increase the bitterness of beer, while supporting hop aroma. Efficient extraction of hops, uniform and definable flavoring of beer, it reduce the consumption of hops. This device is very simple to use and can be easily integrated into existing beer fermentation and bottling compartment.