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NFE 60BBL Jacketed Brite Beer Tank

NFE 60BBL Jacketed Brite Beer Tank

60BBL (60 barrel) jacketed brite beer tank is a type of storage vessel used in the beer brewing process. It is typically made of stainless steel and designed to hold the finished beer after it has been fermented and conditioned. 60BBL jacketed brite beer tank is a large vessel capable of holding a significant amount of beer. It is commonly used in commercial brewing operations and can be found in many breweries around the world. The tank is typically equipped with various valves, gauges, and other components that allow the brewer to monitor and control the beer's temperature, carbonation levels, and other important parameters.


1.Complete, new, and high quality configuration.
2. Auxiliary systems selection of leading and imported brand.
3. The auxiliary systems are long life, high-performance, high-quality, low-loss.
4. Certified stainless steel(304,316) material for all tanks.
5. Electrical accessories reach UL, cUL, CE, PED, export standards.
6. Stable quality, high performance, strict quality control.
7. All the equipment are adopted 100%TIG welded joints, mirror Polishing.

8.All the tanks insulation use argon arc welding and inner tank will do pickling and passivation or mirror polishing;
9.Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.
10.The cooling jackets will do water and pressure test when finishing. Pressure test is 2-3bar;






Bright beer tank

Inoxpa butterfly valves, Perlick sample valve

Micromatic level gauge, PVRV

Clamps and gaskets, pressure gauge, carb stone

Stainless steel legs with stainless leveling footpads

Interior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 3mm

Exterior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm

Interior and exterior finish polished to a sanitary finish

Interior finish pickled and passivated

Exterior brushed, #4 finish

Fully welded exterior shell

Dished top and bottom, with an average of 15%-20% head space

Carbonation port

Side or top manway door,

Dimple jacket cooling jackets

Polyurethane insulation

Level gauge connections

CIP arm and spray ball

Sanitary tri-clamp connections