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Benchwarmers Brewing Co. Sweden-1000L Brewery Equipment By NFE


Benchwarmers Brewing Co.Sweden set up the 1000L two vessels craft brewery equipment including malt milling machine, 1000L two vessel brewhouse, 2000L hot liquor tank, 2000L stainless steel conical beer unitanks, brewery CIP unit system, glycol tank and glycol chiller and so on. NFE supply the whole brewery system and customer install this set 1000L brewery equipment by themselves, NFE supplied the electrical schematic diagram and installation manual to them.

2000L beer unitanks

Craft brewing in Benchwarmers Brewing Co. Sweden Complete 1000l brewery equipment system.
Mash/Lauter Tun + Kettle/Whirlpool Tun steam jacketed heated brewhouse.

Beer Brewed by Benchwarmers Brewing Co.

NFE Machinery Co., Ltd is a top professional designer and manufacturer of high-quality complete craft beer brewing equipment and packaging line in China.

Since 2000,NFE is established and starts to design and make the excellent microbrewery solution and vessels for American and European microbreweries. We always supply one complete service with excellent quality and affordable cost to create the best value for each customer.

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