HOME BLOG NFE deliveried 4-vessel stacked horizontal lagering tanks today!

NFE deliveried 4-vessel stacked horizontal lagering tanks today!


NFE delivered twelves horizontal lagering tanks today. These horizontal lagering tanks are a little special as they are four tanks stacked together instead of one or two. NFE engineers specially designed the tanks to meet customer’s requirement and guarantee the stability and quality of the horizontal serving tanks.


Serving tanks/bright beer tanks/lagering tanks can be made in a different volumes and sizes, depending on the capacity of the brewery. We can make brite tanks from 100L to 500000L, both vertical tanks and horizontal tanks. The brite tanks can also be installed outside when needed.


The design of a bright beer tanks generally consists of a dome top, cylindrical body and dome bottom, insulated and equipped with cooling jackets, PRV, liquid level tube, sample valve, carbonation stone, CIP spray ball and a manway for inside access.


At NFE, we have the ability to design our bright beer tanks to meet almost any requirement your brewery need. We welcome your inquiries for any tanks and will provide you with high quality design and brewery equipment.