A lot of our American customers ask about the taxes and import duties, when they are checking the total cost for import the beer brewing equipment(including the brewhouse, beer fermenters/beer unitanks, brite tanks and so on), Our team has put together a duties and taxes calculator to help provide an overview of the charges you will incur when shipping from China to United States. You can check it here and hope it can give you some help!

All items are categorized into Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes in America. Our most commonly used ones are listed below. 

Other charges incurred at the US ports include customs entry fee, Importer Security Filing (ISF) Fee, ISF Bond, Customs Bond, Custom Handling Fee, FDA, AMS fees, Documentation fees, Courier fees. All fees are further explained below:

Entry Fee: Used towards getting all required paperwork ready for the shipment’s entry into port, it is about $135.. 

Importer Security Filing (ISF) Fee: a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirement for all ocean cargo imports to the United States for security purposes, it is about $55.

ISF Bond: Only applicable if choosing to pay for the single entry bond instead of the continuous bond, it is about$75.

Customs Bond: There are two options to pay this fee, as outlined below.
a) Single Entry Bond:  $5.75 per $1,000 of the shipment value with a minimum of $55.00. There is also a placement fee of $41.00.
b) Continuous Bond: annual fee of $575.00. This amount covers a full year and is more economical because of the high-value shipments. Once your commercial invoice value reaches over $100K, this option becomes more economical. 

Custom Handling Fee: it is about $75. 

Courier fees: Covers the sending of documents via a courier service, it is about $100.

AMS fees: Automated/Advance Manifest System, it is about $35.

Documentation fees: it is the bill of lading fee, because when we export, we need the shipping company to issue the bill of lading, and the shipping company charges, it is about $75.

FDA Fees : Food and Drug Administration fee, it is about $60.

Duties and Tariffs: The amount charged will be based on the HTS code of your shipment.

a) Beer Brewing Equipment– 8438400000: 2.3% general duty rate. Also has Section 301 tariffs, List 4A, 7.5% effective as of 2/14/20.
b) Keg Filler/ Washers– 8422200000: free general duty rate. Also has Section 301 tariffs, List 1, 25% effective as of 7/6/18.

c)Glycol chiller- 8418612090: free general duty rate. there is no additional tax.

At NFE Machinery, we pride ourselves on helping our customers with every step of building their brewery(setting up brewery, layout brewing equipment, installation and debugging the brewery equipment and so on), including identifying all costs to get their order delivered. 

Whether you’re new to the international shipping world or well-experienced about importing the beer brewing equipment, our shipping calculator is an easy way to get a general idea of potential duty and taxes fees.

Please note that this is only a guide and actual costs may vary depending on the freight forwarder, carrier, destination, etc. as they all will affect shipping costs and therefore duty and taxes. besides, we also have shipping agent in America, and if you are pleasure, we also can give you their contact information and you can contact with them directly and you can get a general cost from them !