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Conical Bottom Floating Top Wine Fermentation Tank

Conical Bottom Floating Top Wine Fermentation Tank

Floating top wine tanks are containers of variable capacity for fermentation as well as short and long term storage of wine. This type of mobile ceiling tank is mainly used in the wine industry, but it is also used in many other food sectors. The lid is simply inserted inside the tank and floats on the surface of the wine. An air chamber around the lid is inflated to create an airtight seal.


This variable capacity tank is perfect for wine fermentation and aging. It features a lid that can sit on the surface of the wine and inflates to expand and create a seal on the edges of the tank. This is done by inflating with the included air pump. The lid comes with a length of rope for lowering down into the tank if you do not have a lot of volume.

It also comes with a two-stage waterless airlock that attaches to the lid and have a check ball design to allow CO2 to escape during primary fermentation and seals the tank when CO2 is not being produced. It also features a Tri-Clamp butterfly valve at the bottom for draining and sampling. In addition to winemaking, these variable capacity fermenters are perfect for large-scale kombucha or cold brew coffee production.



Made of 304 stainless steel or 316 as required

Conical bottom with reinforcements

4 stainless steel feet

Breather valve

Bright wine valve

refrigeration jackets with 1″ connections for coolant inlet and outlet

Analogue thermometer with stainless steel thermowell

Stainless steel probe holder

Scale holder

Sqaure door, flush with the bottom for easy emptying of the marc

With swivel arm

Floating lifting winch