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How Much Does The Craft Beer Equipment Cost, And What Accounts For The Price Difference?


As for best professional supplier for Beer equipment manufacturers, we will tell you the reasons as follows:

Brewery Equipment Material, Quality

When you inspect the beer equipment manufacturers, Each manufacturer says their brewery equipment is welded from stainless steel, But stainless steel comes in different models, from industrial grade to food grade to medical grade, Food grade is specially treated compared to normal, The amount of heavy metals is within the acceptable range, If food grade material is selected, then the cost of each set of equipment is high, and the final selling price is high.

NFE Beer brewery equipment selection of food grade 304 stainless steel material production, reasonable design, stable structure, durable.

Thickness Of The Inner Wall Of The Tank

Everyone should know that the stainless steel plate thickness of beer equipment can determine the level of cost, But brewhouse tanks and fermenters are the most frequently used tanks in beer brewing, The brewhouse tank is often heated, the fermenter ferments with a certain amount of pressure, If the inside of the tank is too thin, this causes deformation. If the relatively poor quality stainless steel 201 is used, Then the cost can be saved relatively. But such stainless steel liner is more prone to rust, thickness is too thin. Beer produces a lot of gas when it ferments, Thin liner material will bear lower pressure, It is easy to leak air, which will affect the quality of beer.

Specification Of Beer Brewery Equipment

Each beer equipment manufacturer has its own set product specifications, from small to large, from homebrew equipment to brewery equipment (mass production),Can also be customized according to customer needs (single production), Due to fixed product specifications can be batched blanking, customized products from the next expected processing needs more manpower and material resources, can not be mass production, so the price is relatively expensive.

Brewery Equipment valves and accessories

Valves and fittings are essential to every set of beer brewery equipment, The price and quality of valves and accessories will also affect the sales price of equipment. Just as a glycol chiller is connected to the glycol tank, its quality directly determines the fermentation of beer.

Technical support(after-sales service)

Choosing a company that offers good service and how to solve problems in the process, will create value for you, so before you decide to buy this set brewery equipment, we suggest that it is better to communicate with the supplier’s customer’s reference case, if you get a good feedback, so you can go to next step!