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Why Do I Need Bright Tanks?


  • Free up fermentation space
  • Condition beer for an extended period of time without compromising on supply
  • Serve directly from the bright tank to minimise kegging and labour costs
  • Allows for greater clarity and transfer off yeast, any yeast remaining settles in the dished bottom and will not be carried into the final draught, kegged or packaged beer.
  • Do not require caustic cleaning as often as beer unitanks

There are several types of bright beer tanks(vertical brite beer tanks, horizontal lagering tanks, vertical stackable brite tanks, single wall brite tanks, stackable brite tanks).

 Vertical Brite Tanks(Jacketed)

A brite tank (also known as a bright tank, bright beer tank, etc.) is used for carbonation of beer, as a tax determination tank, and as a serving tank.   Our bright beer tanks are ideal for micro breweries and nano breweries where space may be limited.  These brite tanks can be used for storing and serving carbonated beer and eliminate the hassle of cleaning beer kegs.

Horizontal Lagering Tanks

Efficiency in your beer production process is vital to keeping up with your brewery’s customer demand, and our lagering tanks for sale can help with this. Horizontal Lagering Tanks are designed to maximize surface area, both at the bottom of the vessel and at the top of the liquid inside the vessel. This helps promote efficient lager fermentation. Lagering Tanks are also great for brewing fruit beers since their stainless steel frame preserves even the most complex and subtle of flavor palates.

  Single Wall Brite Tanks ((Non Jacketed)

Single-wall brewery serving tanks are not only great for storing your finished batches of beer, but they also make it easier to provide samples and distribute as needed.

 Stackable Brite Tanks

Take advantage of the vertical space in your brewery with these stackable bright tanks (also known as bright tanks and brite beer tanks).  Like our stackable fermenters, our stackable brite tanks are an ideal option for brewpubs and nano breweries that have smaller spaces. They are also ideal options for brewers who simply want larger tasting rooms and want to sell more pints by the hour.