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Several Suggestions That Need To Be Paid Attention To In The Process Of Using Craft Beer Equipment


Problems that occur during the use of craft beer equipment, NFE company finished up the matters to be paid attention to during the use of craft beer equipment, Let’s take a look at it:

1.The grain miller must be checked whether there are foreign objects in the hopper before use, Check whether each fastener on the grain miller is loose and the tightness of the driving belt and the protective device is normal, during the malt crushing process, adjust the speeding and thickness according to the crushing requirements of various wort, After use, the mill roller should be cleaned and kept clean.

2.Before heating for the mash tank and boiling kettle, Be sure to check the pressure for steam boiler is normal, Whether there is a leak in the steam pipeline, The pipelines such as steam and wort are best to have to be marked, So as not to accidentally operate burns during operation.


3.When the wort is filtering in the lauter tun, Be sure to adjust the filtration speed. Do not set the filter speed to the maximum, Make adjustments from minimum to maximum, To avoid excessive filtration speed, break the false bottom.

4.While the wort is boiling in the boiling kettle, try not to open the manhole door, If you open it, you must pay attention to prevent burns and steam smoking injuries.

5.Check whether the plate heat exchanger has leakage, liquid string phenomenon, If so, it should be repaired. Before the wort cools down and goes into the fermenter, Be sure to open the wort, tap water, and then the ice water valve, If the sequence is not right, it is easy to cause the plate heat exchanger freeze, affect the use.

6.Before the wort goes into the fermenter, be careful if you add yeast to the fermenter, When the temperature of the wort from the plate heat exchanger reaches the temperature of entering the tank, Do not temperature too high, so as not to cause the temperature of the wort to be too high to scal the yeast to death。

7.In the process of operating the fermentation tank,be sure to pay attention to the hygiene of the in and out of tanks, all the pipeline and valves must be sterilized, So as not to cause bacteria.

8.Pay attention to observing the alkaline water concentration of alkaline water tanks in the CIP system, If the concentration of alkali water is too low or too cloudy, can’t be used for washing and should be changed in time.

9.The cleaning of the whole set of craft beer equipment is strictly forbidden to use CL-detergent or disinfectant, So as not to cause corrosion to stainless steel 304.

10.After the use of craft beer equipment is completed, Please clean the equipment thoroughly before using it, After cleaning, turn off each valve. Before re –use the craft beer equipment for a long time after a long period of time, Re -clean the full set of equipment, repeat multiple times until it is cleaned.

11.The motors, pump wiring and grounding conditions of craft beer equipment should be regularly checked, correct wiring. Check the reduction motor and hydraulic device, The mixing motor should be added the lubricating oil regularly according to the instructions.Check regularly whether the connecting pieces of stirring and rake system are tight. The pump shall not be idling, reversal, If there is a leakage of the pump, the pump should be changed for pump sealing in time.

12.The craft beer equipment should be checked the pipes and valves, If there is a leakage, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

13.The craft beer equipment should be checked the instrument indication on the distribution disk frequently, When the digital temperature control meter temperature correction is corrected and aquatic thermometer can calibrate the temperature, to achieve the accuracy of process parameters.

14.All craft beer equipment should be rinsed up after each using, It is necessary to clean the tanks by manually, After continuous feeding the malt for many times, After removing the false bottom to clean up. brewhouse pipline, plate heat exchanger and wort pipline should also be washed, In order to clean it thoroughly, it can be cleaned with alkaline water and disinfection water.

The above are a few our suggestions that during the use of beer equipment, hope it can give you some help, if you have a better suggestion, get touch!