Some beer plants hope to save the cost of the establishment of the beer plant by canceling the configuration of the hot water tank, some people think the hot water tank is just a water tank, Beer can be brewing without it, But more breweries told that hot water tanks are an essential part of the brewing process.

So, is the hot water tank needed by your microbrewery?

Hot water is mainly used in the mashing stage and the cleaning of the beer factory, Breweries that don’t use hot water tanks, The demand for hot water is often solved by installing water heaters. The advantage of the water heater is that it can be heated very effectively, Most water heaters run on natural gas and have an energy efficiency of almost or more than 90%, It can even be heated by solar energy. Since natural gas is a low -cost energy source, The cost of increasing the temperature of the brewing water from the ground temperature to the cost of mash temperature is very economical. So getting hot water from a heater can be very cheap.

The benefits of water heaters are so obvious, So why is hot water tanks standard for brewhouse system?

When breweries use water heaters instead of hot water tanks to provide the hot water needed for brewing, This increases the time cost of each batch. Many instant water heaters have a limited amount of hot water. When mashing, The heater sometimes takes a long time to reach the water temperature needed for mashing, And the warmer the water you need, the longer the water heater retains the water in the heat exchanger, In popular terms, the heating speed of the water heater cannot be used up. Especially for larger breweries, It is planned to prepare hot water for the second batch of brewing during the first batch. This type of water heater or heater is therefore more commonly used in home brewing and small brewing facilities.

Hot water tanks provide hot water for the mashing process, which is mixed with grains, During mashing, you can continue to prepare the sparging water for filtering process, It’s so convenient that breweries are equipped with hot water tanks whenever they can fit within their budget, even the 100L brewhouse has room for it.

The presence of hot water tanks also saves energy, At the end of the boiling, After cooling the hot wort through the heat exchanger, the hot water can be returned to the hot water tank for the next brewing or cleaning use. This advantage is even more prominent for the beer plants that need to be double -batch or continuously brewed, It only takes a short time heating and heat to meet the water temperature requirements. Even if there is no need to make the next batch of brewing, at least it has recovered water, reducing the waste of water resources. Finally, Hot water tanks make it easier to regulate brewing water.

All in all, Whether the beer plant is equipped with hot water tanks is more about personal preferences and needs, Many high -quality beer can also be brewed without hot water tanks. For start -up beer plants with tight funds, An earlier opening date is far better than waiting until you can afford the perfect brewery. But if you can afford it, hot water tanks can make each batch easier and more efficient.