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The Most Popular Brewhouse Sizes



direct/steam/electric brewhouse system

Brewhouse sizes vary depending on the production needs of the brewery. The most popular brewhouse sizes range from small nano brewing systems to large commercial systems. Here are some of the most popular brewhouse sizes:

1.1-3 BBL (barrel): These are small, nano brewing systems that are suitable for producing beer for personal consumption or small-scale commercial use. They are also suitable for pilot batches in larger breweries.

2.5-10 BBL: These brewhouse sizes are commonly used by microbreweries and small craft breweries. They are suitable for producing beer for local distribution.

3.15-20 BBL: These brewhouses are used by mid-sized breweries and can produce beer for regional distribution.

4.30-50 BBL: These are large-scale brewhouses used by commercial breweries that produce beer for national or international distribution.

5.100+ BBL: These are massive brewhouses used by large commercial breweries that produce beer on an industrial scale.

It’s important to note that the brewhouse size doesn’t necessarily dictate the size of the brewery. A smaller brewhouse can still produce a large amount of beer by brewing multiple batches, while a larger brewhouse can produce smaller batches of specialty beers. The choice of brewhouse size should be based on the production goals, available space, budget, and other factors mentioned earlier.