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Type Of Conical Fermenters


                                                                                   Type Of Conical Fermenters

There are several types of conical fermenters that are commonly used in the brewing industry, some of the most common types include:

Jacketed Fermenters: These are the most common type of fermenter used in commercial brewing. Having a conical fermenter with a glycol jacket connected to a glycol cooling system allows you to precisely control the temperature of the fermenter.  

Stackable Fermenters: Little spaces don’t have to mean less beer with our stackable stainless steel fermenters. These custom stackable fermenters are perfect for brewpubs and nano breweries that want to ferment different beers at once, but don’t have the floor space. Working with a tight space? Let us know. We can custom build these stacked fermenters to fit your brewspace.

Overall, the type of conical fermenter used will depend on the size of the brewery, the types of beer being produced, and the specific needs of the brewer.